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Pea Street is a unique, sports luxe brand inspired by London street style. Created by Amy Wilkinson, Pea street is for individuals who refuse to follow the crowd, we like to call them Peas. Each individual fabric was carefully selected from the best London has to offer and then hand crafted to Pea-perfection. 


Our Peas stay individual all year, so we make sure their jackets do too! Our specialist quilting and wadding helps you to feel as good as you look. Gone are the days of having to chose between style and comfort, just because the weather can be predictable it doesn't mean your style has to be.


Be unique, be you and always be Pea! 


About Amy


Amy is the original Pea and after making her own clothes for as long as she can remember, she decided to spread the love.


She began by studying the art of design and then went on to perfect her skills at the London College of Fashion. It is in London that she created Pea Street with the vision that a brand could finally represent all of those, like herself, who wanted to be truly unique, truly individual; truly Pea!

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